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The Thermal Sock/Accidental Cricket Massacre/Flayed By Ambulatory Belgians far.

Someone once said that society needs to send people off to study ancient history, or quarks or the sexual behaviour of equatorial insects, because if these people weren't occupied doing that, there's no telling what they might do.

And so it is, in a round about kind of way, with the band that is Thermal Sock. Four halfwits with musical instruments that might go and do anything if they weren't too busy terrorising their friends and flatmates with their sonic incompetence to bother.

Thermal Sock began life with borrowed guitars in a study-bedroom in Pollock Halls some three years ago, when founder members Stuart Brook and Patrick Down started entertaining the drunks with renditions of U2's Running to Stand Still and various REM and Beatles tunes, until they were told, eventually to put the guitars down and come out with their hands up, by assorted neighbours.

So there was vague talk about setting up a band, lots of missed rehearsal sessions, and not a whole lot else for another two years. Until sometime in the summer of 1999. The band finally got off the ground, variously operating under the names 'Worst Case Scenario', 'Accidental Cricket Massacre' and 'Flayed by Ambulatory Belgians', before finally reverting back to the original moniker, 'Thermal Sock'. Thermal Sock now consist of Pat Down (guitar, backing vocals), Stuart Brook (lead guitar, backing vocals), Morag Jones (keyboards, vocals), and Fraser McCormick (vocals, electric piano).

Their influences include, Guinness, Old Speckled Hen, Alcoholic Slush Puppies and vodka. Currently, they have just two songs, which probably won't end up being called Goat Sodomy Parts 1 and 2, though you never know.

Inevitable Band Photographs

"Wine, wine, We've run out of Wine" -Pat (guitar)

"Mine's a pint" -Fraser (piano, vocals)

"My neck can do things yours can't" -Morag (keyboards, vocals)

"Mine's a pint.....or five" -Stuart (guitar).