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Welcome To Racing Lines

Racing Lines is where you can find up to the minute reports on the Formula One season as it unfolds. Race Reports will be published in the week following each race. There’s also a series of semi regular motor racing columns, looking at the world of Motorsport beyond the last Grand Prix.

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Top 10 Drivers of 2003

My Top 10 Drivers 2003 Less authoritative than the Autocourse list ? Well probably, but you'll have to wait a couple of months for that

2003 Grands Prix

Grand Prix 2003 Preview
Australian Grand Prix 2003
Malaysian Grand Prix 2003
Brazilian Grand Prix 2003
San Marino Grand Prix 2003
Spanish Grand Prix 2003
Austrian Grand Prix 2003
Monaco Grand Prix 2003

Racing Lines Columns

When the unexpected happens
Shock results and surprising grids
Ringing the Changes
A look at how the changes that have taken place over the winter might affect the sport next year
The Group C Sportscar Championship - A Retrospective - Part Two
The late eighties heyday of the Group C sportscar championship, when Porsche, Jaguar and Mercedes fought for supremacy
A Day At The Races
Notes from the Croft BTCC Round
The Group C Sportcar Championship - A Retrospective - Part One
The story of the early years of the Group C sportscar championship, when Porsche's 956 and 962 designs reigned supreme
The Tricky Jump From F3000 to F1
Why have so few F3000 champions gone on to success in Formula One ? A look at whether the FIA's F1 junior category is really all that it could be
A History of Manufacturer Involvement In F1
Is there anything that Jaguar or Toyota can learn from those who have come before in F1 ?
Nostalgia Questioned
How would today's stars measure up against the greats of the past ?
Life Racing Engines
The story of the most hapless F1 team of the modern era
Williams Rally Car
The story of the Metro 6R4, Williams Grand Prix Engineering's little foray into the forests

Old articles etc can be found in the archive

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