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Whats your name ?

Patrick Down a.k.a El Haddock

Name some of your favourite artists/bands

REM, Belle And Sebastian, DJ Shadow, Throwing Muses, Pixies, Husker Du, Jeff Buckley Death In Vegas, Massive Attack....loads of other stuff.

What was your first record?

Scoundrel Days' by A-Ha, first single was, somewhat inevitably for someone my age 'Do They Know It's Christmas', which for ten years was the only vinyl 45 I owned.

What was the first gig you went to?

A truly awful local poodle metal band called Steel City in 93...but that aside, Spearhead, June 95.

What's the most important record in your collection and why?

'Murmur' by REM....nothing ever stayed on my stereo for quite so long... and I've been trying unsuccessfully to rip-off that sound for as long as I've been writing songs .

What music gets you dancing?

That should be 'How many drinks get you dancing ?'

Name a record that you're ashamed to have bought.

The Cross Of Changes by Enigma...not only embarassing, but execrable toss too.

Any bands you hate? Why?

Skunk Anansie, a friend dragged me to see them about four years ago and as some hack put it 'Would anyone give a toss about this awful band if their singer weren't a black lesbian ?'

Do you rate Radiohead?


Lennon/McCartney or Brian Wilson?


Favourite film?

Withnail & I

Favourite book?

The Crow Road, by Iain Banks.

Favourite 'art' artist?

Dunno, I'm not an 'art' artist kind of person really.

Who would you be on Stars In Their Eyes?

Right now I'd quite like to go an and do 'Goddess on a Hiway'

What would you call your first born son/daughter?

Cimarron for a girl (guess who's been reading Espedair St) something other than'Ben Down' for a boy.

Who's your favourite superhero?

Megatron. Technically a supervillain.....

Favourite comedy/comedian?

Chris Morris (those are the headlines....happy now ?)

Your football team?

Macclesfield Town. For my sins.

Who do you fancy?

Sarah Cracknell. That bird out of Snowpony. The band's keyboard player ;-) .

What is the future?

A strange place, on the available evidence.