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Very soon, I'll have some new materials up here. For starters there'll be some old live reviews that go back for donkeys years, that I found on my hard drive....and then I'll most likely add to the already overpoweringly huge and pointless pile of lists of the best music of the century. Or maybe I won't. In the mean time, You could check out some rather old scribblings which I have written here over the past few years, or you could find something better to do with your time. The choice is yours.

Music Archives

Review Of 1997: My review of 1997's music scene.

Here are some other, slightly random music links.

The official Radiohead Site Depending on your opinion, either a hopelessly uninformative pretentious load of post-modern rubbish, or one of the few truly original official websites in existence. Just don't go there expecting chords, discographies or song lyrics

Emily's site One of the few people who can really write interesting and insightful articles about music; most notably her article about writing about music. Don't much care for The Telescopes myself though

Bob Mould Site OK, so he's done a couple of dodgy solo albums, but he still ranks as one of the greatest singer/songwriters of the last twenty years in my book.

MyLegendaryGirlfriend Site Just plugging a see_feel member's band. Their new EP, whose name temporarily escapes me will be out at the end of November on Shortfuse records

The Chemistry Experiment More short fuse recordry. Again featuring members of see_feel

A sort of online Fanzine Not sure who runs this, but its got a reasonable selection of reviewers, and is at least as on the ball as the NME is these days, for what thats worth

Another online fanzine This one's run by Jon, another member of see_feel. Also well worth a look.

Mogwai Fansite If like me, you think that any band who releases songs with names like 'oh, how the dogs stack up!' demand attention, then you'll want a look at this

Ultimate Band List Not perfect, but a pretty damned good music resource all the same

Thermal Sock Finally, a little page featuring the latest incarnation of my shambolic folk-rock band. Don't expect anything interesting like MP3s, downloads, or information about gigs. For the simple reason that we haven't played any gigs and haven't recorded any songs

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