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This is now home to regular motor racing columns over at Racing Lines

I've also started sticking up my reviews of music, books, films, et cetera Here

There's not an awful lot else here, but if for whatever reason, you want to know about me, you can always go here

And while you are here, why not sign my Guestbook. I might even get round to replying

Some Links

Guardian Online Far and away the best online news site
The On-Line Guitar Archive: Want to know how to play Wannabe on guitar-No, I don't know why you would either....
Parc Ferme magazine, for whom I have written on a sort of on-off basis for a while
Linksheaven F1 Forums One of the better F1 message boards on the web
Atlas F1 I lurk on the nostalgia board. A lot.
Moose Mansions: Home of The Zoe Ball hate page, Slap A Spice Girl and Fool Of The Week......
TVGoHome Parody TV listings, from the man who writes Screenburn in Saturday's Guardian
Feel Flows The official homepage of the See_Feel mailing list, formerly Feel_Flows. Not that I contribute much these days
Links to friends' sites Some of my friends have a presence on the web too. Insert usual disclaimer of all responsibility for content here..

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