The church of easy negative cynicism
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Welcome to the official homepage of the church of easy negative cynicism
The Church of Easy Negative Cynicism
Welcome, discerning net-traveller, to the Church of Easy Negative Cynicism , of 14 Brunton Place.

I am High Priest Paddy 'Haddock', founder member of the Easy Negative Cynics; an organisation which seeks to spread spiritual enlightenment throughout the globe, if only it could be bothered.

The Easy Negative Cynics worship no God, do not believe in anything very much, and reckon that beer is a pretty good thing. We are firm believers that life is best approached with a 'Don't leave until tomorrow what can be put off forever' strategy, hence our lack of evangelical zeal. If this sounds like exactly the kind of Late twentieth century spiritual mishmash for you, then why not join our congregation, or alternatively, make a donation to the 'Buy a mansion for our spiritual guru and inspirational leader Fund' (my bank number is 10014572).

While we do not worship a God, we have seen fit to bestow sainthood on a number of people who we felt have led the way in promoting Cynicism and it's virtues to a wider audience. These include Saint Jeremy Hardy, Saint Ian Hislop, Saint Mark Thomas and Saint Bill Bryson, to name but a few.

To find out more about the Easy Negative cynics, why not click on one of the links below.

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