So    Who    Do    I    Think    I    Am    Anyway......


A fair question, I suppose. I'm a 22 year old student at Edinburgh University, doing AI
and REM are a pretty damned good band, while Radiohead played the best live show I've ever had fortune to see. There may be a few months left yet, but on my money DJ Shadow's Endtroducing has got to be a contender for album of the decade.

After being talked into hitch hiking round Belgium by their would-be president, Guinea Pig, I recently found myself elected to the commitee of HJASI , who ar slowly being subverted by the inhabitants of 14 Brunton Place and their allies. (Note from the future. The result of this slow subversion was that the entire society fell apart within the year. It could have been worse, mind. Oh yeah, and I'm the High Priest of The Church of Easy Negative Cynicism.

Oh yeah, and I despise some things too. I almost forgot to mention that The Corrs, Chris Moyles, Zoe Ball, Chris Evans, Anthea Turner, Each and every member of Kula Shaker, and anyone who helped them on their way.....spooks of yesteryear like Jeremy Beadle, Richard Littlejohn and whoever it was that thought that Snickers was a good name for a chocolate bar. Twatdom isn't confined to the fields of light entertainment and chocolate bar nomenclature, it's particularly prevalent in the world of politics too. So prevalent, in fact, that I just ain't going to bother starting...EXCEPT Michael Portillo just happens to have an amusing cyber-presence.

And with that thought, its adieu from me.

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