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Begin typing here..... "Maybe you've built a page as homage to your pet ferret. Or Shakespeare. Or Princess Leia"

Well that's obviously the sort of person that Tripod thinks uses it webspace. But if Star Wars is a bit old hat, a ferret up the trousers holds little appeal, and you prefer your Shakespeare in books, then maybe you might like to visit some of these websites...made by friends of mine. (Incidentally, the vast majority of these people, including all of Footle Limited, and some of M83 net have lived with me at some point).

General Franco's Page The Extremely Dodgy Page, surely almost an institution by now

E-Commerce Chancers The world's leading exponents of frittering EU tech startup money

Footle Footle Limited's technology demonstration/reviews site. I'm El Haddock by the way

Handanova Ronan Euan and Elliots Ananova parody. Highlight is Bohandian Rhapsody

Geekparty More surrealist humour from Ronan and Euan

More E-Commerce Chancers And these folk aren't far behind, but they've had paying contracts and appeared on the front page of the Sunday Herald business section, so they lose.

Alisdair's Page Stuff about guinea pigs, somewhat inevitably

Katherine's Webpage General stuff. Katherine (just about) leaves out her more loony ideas here

Katherine's Other Webpage The stranbger of the two pages, it must be said.

Iain's Usual Suspects Gallery Pictures of people who really should know better

McGazz's Page Cult TV, Betty Boo wallpaper, and why the Manic Street Preachers are toss. What more could you want

Graham's Page Roughly what happens when philosophy students are given webpages (cf Katherine's Page)

Morag's Page Featuring, the usual suspects id game, and suchlike.

Zoe's Page Yet another example of what can happen when philosophy studes discover html