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Whats your name ?

Stuart Ashley Brook, a.k.a 'Chappie'

Name some of your favourite artists/bands

Dylan, Stones, Beatles, The Clash, Stone Roses, Hendrix, Crowded House, Early Suede. I hate picking favourite stuff, it depends on my mood.

What was your first record?

T`Pau Bridge Of Spies (!)

What was the first gig you went to?

Van Morrison- Wolverhampton Civic Hall, 1987, I think.

What's the most important record in your collection and why?

What a question. No Idea. Maybe 'Little Earthquakes' because of its first relationship memories. Maybe not. Dunno.

What music gets you dancing?

Stone Roses 'I am the resurrection' 'Love Spreads' etc, The La's 'There she goes'

Name a record that you're ashamed to have bought.

Vanilla Ice

Any bands you hate? Why?

Steps, S Club 7, Hepburn, Westlife, Vengaboys etc etc Why ? Talentless manufactured plastic vacuous bags of shite

Do you rate Radiohead?

Yeah. Good Band. Don't like them as people though.

Lennon/McCartney or Brian Wilson?

No Question, Lennon/McCartney

Favourite film?

Withnail & I

Favourite book?

Honestly can't remember, it's years since I read one.

Favourite 'art' artist?

Van Gogh

Who would you be on Stars In Their Eyes?

Keith Richards

What would you call your first born son/daughter?

Not a clue, but it wouldn't be Keith. Or Bob. Especially if it was a girl.

Who's your favourite superhero?

Don't really know. But it would have to be someone lazy and incompetent, a bit of an anti-hero.

Favourite comedy/comedian?

The Fast Show is great, and I love Peter Sellers

Your football team?

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

Who do you fancy?

How LOng have you got ? Kate Moss, Anna Friel, Anna Kournikova, My flatmate's girlfriend. If you're female send me a photo

What is the future?

Ask me next week.