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This is exactly what the link to it said it was. A list of films with the word beast cunningly inserted into the title. More amusment for the easily amused.

El H.

From Paul Fenney: Actually, Apocalypse Beast is a worrying-sounding Beast-Film.

I keep on thinking of more.

Honey, I shrunk the Beasts



White Beasts Can't Jump

Beast 57

Once Were Beasts


and perhaps the most dubious so far:

Naked Beast

Pump Up The Beast

Do The Right Beast

Consenting Beasts

and my personal favourite

Dr. Beastlove Whoops, I think that's quite enough from me

From Phil Hopper:

Sorry if these have been done before, I've kinda lost track... The Kevin Smith films; Mallbeasts and Chasing Beast Clint Eastwood: The Good the bad, and the beast, dirty beast The beast redemption The Beast Strikes back Ace Ventura, Beast Detective The deer beast inspiration has gone.

From Alex Bridge:

'Men in Beast' starring Will Smith and that other guy. 'Sleepless in Beast' - there's a Tom Hanks film I'd pay money to see. How about 'Beast and the Beast'?

From Kirstie

St. Elmos Beast 2001: A Beasty Oddyssey Full Metal Beast heh heh

From Phil Hopper (again)

ET, the extra Beast Jurrasic Beast Beast Gump Beast day Beast Alone Raiders of the lost beast Beverly hills beast Mrs Beast fire Saving private beast back to the beast snow white and the 7 beasts beast with the wind Dances with Beasts pretty beast there's something about beasts 3 men and a beast 3 men and a little beast Who framed roger beast? Beast Attraction 101 beasts

From Emily Kawasaki:

I'm off to see Pram and the Freed Unit in Leicester tonight... mmm... Oh, three favourite films... 1) Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls ( ... beasts?) [Russ Meyer] 2) Female Trouble (beast trouble?) [John Waters] 3) Delicatessen (errr... beast?) [Jeunet and Caro] more beasts:- Pink Beasts The Breakfast Beast [OR] The Beast Club Serial Beast Beast In Berlin Schindler's Beast Watership Beast (speaking of which, they're fucking REMAKING this, with fucking Ronan Keating... ugh ugh... sacrilege) Beast 2 I Know What Beast Did Last Summer I Still Know What Beast Did Last Summer Yep, Even Now I Have Retained The Memory Of What Beast Did Last Summer Hang On, What _Did_ Beast Do Last Summer? HairBeast [OR] BeastSpray Beasts On The Run [OR] Nuns On The Beast Three Men And A Beast Twelve Beasts The Meaning Of Beast A Clockwork Beast Shooting Beast A Beast Named Wanda Sliding Beasts BeastSpotting True Beasts Sex, Beasts, And Videotape The Fall Of The House Of Beast Dracula's Beast The Cement Beast [OR] The Beast Garden Sixteen Beasts Kindegarten Beast Beast 2: On The Rocks Sister Beast Beasts 'n The Hood Beast Party Beast Baby Shallow Beast Rosemary's Beast Once Upon A Time In The Beast Calamity Beast Dead Beasts The Naked Beast Beast Me Up, Beast Me Down Beasts And Zen Naughty Beast The Lover's Beast The Beast-BetweenThe Secret Beast is that enough? *emily*

From Yasser

Citizen Beast On The Waterbeast The Beastfather

From Paul Fenney:

The Killing Beasts A Beast Runs Through It Beast Wood Fear And Beasts In Las Vegas The Hidden Beast House Beast The Beast Always Rings Twice Last Beast Standing Vanishing Beast A Few Good Beasts Monty Python and the Holy Beast The Beast Of Brian When Beast Day Comes The Beasts That Ate Paris The Karate Beast My Beast Friend's Wedding

From Yasser

Beasts Like It Hot.