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So    Who    Do    I    Think    I    Am    Anyway......


A fair question, I suppose. I'm Patrick, I'm a 23 year old civil servant, currently living in Edinburgh. Which I guess would be how I would be introduced in fifteen to one.

Chances are you came to this site either because you know me, or for the motor racing related stuff. If you know me then most of this stuff is pretty irrelevant, and if you came here wanting to know what happened in the last Grand Prix, then chances are you're feeling cheated because I haven't got around to updating yet.

Whatever, I started the F1 pages because I felt my command of the English language was being severely perverted by too much time working in a Kafka-esque Bureaucracy. The day I found myself saying "further to my earlier comments" was when I realised it was happening. Besides, you should try writing letters to gratuitously mad members of the public concerning dog turds, or answering the 'phone to irate taxi drivers all day, ans see how it affects your sanity.

As to what I do in my spare time, I regularly write articles for my online motorsport site, in the vain hope that it might some day provide a route out of the day job. I also contribute irregularly to Footle an online reviews site for film, music and books that is the last remaining vestige of my former employers, the ever hapless Footle Limited. On a related note, I'm also hopelessly addicted to Grand Prix 3 and Grand Prix Legends . I also occasionally play around with Ruud Van Gaal's free online racing simulator Racer.

I do sometimes tear myself away from the computer, and right now I'm looking for incompetent musicians to reform my old Band with. The others having variously buggered off to mortgage laden responsibility in the suburbs, to hang around with proper musicians and to Wolverhampton. If you live in the Edinburgh area and fancy teaming up with a guy who thinks that acoustic covers of" take on me" are strangely amusing then feel free to email me at

Just in case you were wondering about the motor sport stuff....I've been watching Formula One on the telly for as long as I care to remember. I went to see my first Grand Prix at Brands Hatch in 1985, and have been to a further nine since. Most recently, I hitched down to Spa Francorchamps for the Grand Prix in the summer of 1999. I still haven't managed to get around to visiting Le Mans however.

The writing side of things started more recently. I used to occasionally contribute articles on music or sport to the student newspaper a few years back, but got frustrated with what I considered to be bad subediting, and they doubtless considered to be necessary style changes to a guy who can't write. So, a few years ago, I decided to start writing online for parcferme before deciding recently that I may as well put the articles up myself.

If there's anything more you'd really like to know about me, you can either refer to the following questionnaire

If you have some peculiar desire to know what I look like, then looky here